Piers Handling


for Cinetalk.net

Piers Handling, CEO of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the most powerful man in the film business, gave a much appreciated conference today at RVCQ in Montreal. Under his tutoring, since 1994, the TIFF became the place to be in the Autumn season for film professionals and film buffs from around the world. The place where Oscar contenders are made. Last edition was the 40th anniversary and with all the changes and offering coming from multiple platforms these days his own view on renewing the festival experience and goals were of great interest. With still a cinephile focus on discoveries from around the world (production from 70 countries were shown and feature first timers represented 25% of the program) he talked about redefine the TIFF by going further than just the initial 11 days of fest by touring to insure a global presence with a program going out of strictly Canadian boundaries with film series to take the world. He seems full of new and exciting projects for the next 40 years, getting on the move with museum like touring expos in order to give a year around product connected to educational programs, archives, showings and galleries, all connected and, of course, sponsorship… well, to feed a machine that big you still need that red carpet full of stars, the business aspect…


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