Four Lions directed by British TV comedian Chris Morris is a funny, enjoyable farce.

Four young London would-be-jihadists, who dream of glory, set out to train in Pakistan in order to commit acts of terror. The good news is they are so highly incompetent their terrorist actions are less about ideology than it is about procrastination.

The first great thing about 4 Lions is the whole cast seems like they had great fun in playing their parts, especially the lead Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler, Road to Guantanamo) as Omar. There are lots of funny lines of dialogue part written, part improvised, and endless silly arguments. While the joke is on everyone and no one is spared (police task force is as amateurish as our four young idiots) director Morris is able to keep it at a high farce level by being careful in showing good sides of other (more serious) Muslims… for the rest everyone is at risk of being laughed at…

It is a bit overlong and there is an over-use of handheld cam and zooming documentary style in a way we feel it is too much on purpose, but overall there are some jewels: Omar discussing quietly with his family while editing jihadist propaganda on his computer, the training camp where they are simply out of place and even kicked out before they can finish it. And watch for that hilarious crowd scene with British snipers ordered to shoot a terrorist dressed as a bear with the ensuing endless radio conversation about the difference between a bear and a wookie… very British indeed…

Yours to discover (Here’s the Wookie Scene):