Michael Moore has the best intentions. But Michael Moore is tired. And the result is Where to Invade Next a mockumentary with a lack of inspiration.

As always Moore puts himself in front of the camera to teach his fellow Americans about what they can learn from other nations. So he “invades” several foreign countries to “steal” their secrets of happiness. Topics range between food, health care, free education, penal system, etc.

Even if Moore admits right from the beginning that he chooses to show only the positive things about the hosting countries, the whole affair leaves you with a feeling of déjà vu (even if it may be good to repeat). It is no more than a round trip around the world paid by numerous offices of tourism for a reality show. Because a documentary it is not as it is cynical, as always in Moore’s case, but not serious enough, not documented enough. It never goes above the simple minded propaganda (even if we agree with him) so it never lifts above the uncle Mike lecturing.

Of course the themes and suggestions make sense and it has some funny moments, but there is a lot of work ahead for a democratic country and where Moore should set concrete examples, he goes the easy way for two hours. Too good to be true. This is lazy work and this film would not get a theatrical release if it wasn’t for his name. See you next time Mike.