April and the Extraordinary World


for Cinetalk.net

Winner of Best Film Award at renown Annecy animation Film Festival, the France-Canada-Belgium joint production April and the Extraordinary World is out this friday in Canada (soon after in the US). The film is co-directed by Christian Desmares (animation coordinator for the Oscar nominated Persepolis) and Franck Ekinci, who wrote the screenplay with Benjamin Legrand et Jacques Tardi from Tardi’s popular Graphic Novel . It is voiced (among others ) by Marion Cotillard and Jean Rochefort (of Terry Gilliam’s famous misadventures of Don Quixote…)

April is set in a 1941 France ruled by Napoleon V and kept into 19th century life where evolution towards modernity has stopped since scholars and great minds vanish one after an an other for decades. With the help of the coolest talking cat ever, Young Avril is on the track of her scientists parents who both disappeared in suspicious circumstances.

Graphically outstanding and creative (it reminds me of jules verne’s work) this fast paced retro-looking sci-fi animation should please American audience with the eternal story of good VS evil antagonism and all the running around.


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