The folks of Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal) will introduce us on Thursday to Sundance Film Fest director award winner The Witch directed by Robert Eggers.

Set in 17 century New England, The Witch tells the story of a Puritan family heavily challenged when signs of witchcraft seem to occur.

Obviously not provided with a blockbuster budget, Eggers’ effects are economical but worthy. Cinematographer Jarin Blaschke’s lighting job is nature friendly, making it believable, and composer Mark Korven does a terrific job to sustain the drama with a beautiful score as well as providing the occasional jumping stingers in an Otherwise, for its own good, peaceful use of sound offering a welcomed difference in ways and moods than your usual offering in this kind of field. Rightfully moody at times, just a bit violent (none of the excessive violence we would be waiting for) and at the end of the trip it provides the goods.