A little boy goes on a quest to search for his father. Along the way, he witnesses the world around him losing touch with humanity and nature in this beautiful tale of a young mind discovering globalization.

Released in Brazil in 2013, Alê Abreu’s animated feature O Menino e o Mundo (The Boy and the World) made its way on a limited release, in 2015, to the US market. This made it eligible to the 2016 Oscar race for Best Animated Feature. This is, of the five contestants for the Academy Award, by far, the most experimental and unusual of the nominees. Confronted to usual Starred Studios Pixar and Ghibli it probably stands no chance to bring Oscar Home. But its presence, among the heavyweights,which seems like naive Art opposite to more figurative and implicit movies of the category, already smells like victory.

Under its seemingly naive approach, both visual and story-wise, Abreu’s film slowly provides more than expected by its premises. With its mix of real collage, drawings and water colors as well as the definitely more serious tone and mature themes it offers, it’s by no mean your typical family animation. Definitely Inclined for visual Arts, The Boy and the World offers Some surrealistic and colorful stroboscopic moments. An achievement in inventiveness which also extend to the extraordinary soundtrack that goes from Samba, experimental and Jazz. It goes into greater range than the usual accompaniment of animated films nowadays.

Overall this wordless piece of Art (no dialogue) should leave you speechless. It is a beautiful piece of cinematic achievement.

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